Friday, May 31, 2013

Packaging Challenges and being "Eco-Friendly"

More and more I have been having customers ask about my packaging materials and can I please limit them as much as possible when packaging their order.  I truly commend those who inquire and help push all manufacturers, retailers, businesses and every household to be aware of the products they use and the effects on our environment.  It is true that every little bit can help.  However, people must also realize the challenges that it also presents.  First and foremost - do your research and understand the products you use and its effects on the environment.   Also, understand from the manufactures perspective that there are legal obligations, quality of product and sanitation issues that we must abide by and be aware of as we create, manufature and package our products.

For my bath and body products I must be aware of the following:

 - Product Labeling.  There are legal requirements from the FDA regarding the necessary information that must be included with soaps, cosmetics and drugs.   Each product classification has a strict set of labeling requirements.  Information on how these products are classified can be found here:  That said, every product that I create must have a label following the FDA rules, thus, I cannot send out naked bars of soap (which would be the most eco-friendly way to sell and ship them).   There is also the issue of allergens and making it easy for people with specific allergies or sensitivities to be aware of each and every ingredient included in the product that they purchase.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Liquid Hair Conditioners

Now available are new liquid hair conditioners.  The solid conditioner bars have been so popular that I decided to created a liquid version.  These liquid conditioners contain the same high quality conditioning, detangling and beneficial oils as the bars but in a liquid form.  Each one contains a different ratio of hair nourishing oils, fragrances and essential oils and can be customized to your preference.  Easily mix and match with the available Shampoo Bars and Liquid Shampoos.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Website now Open!

New website now open.  I have added a new website to purchase products from Alaiyna B. Bath and body.  You can find all available products here.  Please check it out.  Cold process soap, decorative glycerin soap sulfate free hair and body care products, lotions, lip balms and much, much more.