Monday, October 20, 2014

Using PVC pipe as molds to create circular embedded soaps

I am always thinking of new ways to expand the artistic nature of creating handcrafted soap. Swirls, embeds, themes, etc. make the process of creating these high quality, nourishing, great for your skin soaps all the better.  Handcrafted soaps can range from unscented and uncolored which are excellent for sensitive skin to extremely ornate with beautiful scents to match.  These soaps make wonderful additions to the bathroom or kitchen, unique and creative gifts and showering with them can get your day off to a great and refreshing start.

Lately I have been experimenting with round soaps created in a circular column style mold then sliced into individual bars (sounds a lot like baking......). You can create some unique swirled designs as you pour the soap into the mold, but I wanted to take that to the next level by centering a circular embed within the main soap.