Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Solid Perfumes

I have recently introduced a line of solid perfumes.  Each solid perfume fragrance is created from all natural butters and oils and scented with various blends of florals, citrus scents, and earthy notes of greenery and musk.  Each scent is a unique sensory experience.  

Solid perfumes are a great way to fragrance yourself.  The benefits of solid perfumes:

 - Long lasting
  - No mess, no spillage
  - Conveniently sized for traveling - just throw into your purse or pocket
  - Apply exactly where you want
  - No waste
  - Product does not become airborne

Since determine whether you like a particular fragrance can be difficult when shopping online, I will also be offering sample packs of the available fragrances.  Each sample contains a small amount of the solid perfume on a labeled card.  Just enough product to determine whether the scent is for you.  Each card is individually packaged.  These will be available in packs of three and five.

These new solid perfumes are available for sale in all three of my online shops:
Alaiyna B. Soaps
Alaiyna B. on Etsy
Alaiyna B. on Zibbet

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