Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Stained Glass Soap

I was itching to try something new and challenging in the world of soapmaking and decided to combine some clear glycerin melt and pour in bright colors and cold process in a way I had not done before.  I cal this soap my "Stained Glass Soap" for how the glycerin embeds are translucent enough to give the impression of stained glass windows.  I am so thrilled with how this soap came out.   The embeds were created from SFIC clear glycerin soap colored with non-bleeding colorants from Brambleberry and embedded in a basic 4 oil cold process formula.  All put together in to a 15" long log mold.  Scented with lemongrass & sage fragrance from Elements Bath and Body and finished off with a dusting of multi-colored jojoba beads.

This soap took quite a while to create but it was well worth it.  I have another loaf the the multi-colored glycerin soap and will be making another one of these in a different scent.  Thinking about a tutorial for this one too......

You can see how the light shines through in this pic that is sitting on the window ledge.

~ Faith


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