Monday, May 23, 2016

More Themed Floral Garden Felted Soaps

I really enjoy making felted soap and needle felting a variety of designs on them. These floral landscape soaps have been extremely popular as they are not only functional as soap and washcloth in one, they make wonderful, unique, one of a kind gifts. These soaps are created one at a time and any that are currently available will be listed here in the Etsy Shop

Photo of flowers in my garden   -   Image of flower felted on soap

~ Faith


  1. I absolutely love and in awe of your felted soaps. Is there anyway we could make a felted soap that we could reuse the felt part? I have never tried making one. I have watched youtube videos. But I love the talent you have. Beautiful scenes.

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

      My understanding is that once the bar of soap is used up, you are left with a the empty felted "sack" (I have a bar in my shower that I am trying to use up to test this out but it takes a long time to go through a single bar of soap.) Once the soap is used up, you can cut a small slit at the top or side of the empty sack and fill it with scented beads, potpourri or other dried scented items and sew the seam back together and use as a sachet or something similar. You could also do the same with some soap scraps and continue to use it for cleaning.